At The Masonic Benefit Fund (TMBF) Annual Meeting on 26 March 2022, a motion was made to close The Fund. A Final Vote meeting was held on 18 June 2022. Upon review of The Fund’s history, it reveals that The Fund has just over 200 members with only 10 members gained over the last ten years. Multiple efforts over the years failed to attract members. After some discussion, a vote to close The Fund completed with a unanimous result to close The Fund.

If you haven’t paid the last assessment, you do not need to submit the payment. If you already paid the last assessment, your check was not cashed and will be destroyed.

The funds remaining in The Fund’s accounts will be consolidated and a gift made to the Masonic Home of Virginia with love and gratitude from the Officers and Members of The Masonic Benefit Fund. A small amount will be held in reserve for close-out expenses and after a year, any balance will be donated to the Masonic Home as well.

July 2022 The Masonic Benefit Fund has been shutdown, closed, out of business.

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